Surveying engineering

  1. A 205m high, Karun-3 concrete arch dam, is located 28 Km from Izeh City on Karun River. In order to measure horizontal and vertical displacements of the dam, the geodetic network of Karun-3 Dam has so far been measured at 13 epochs.

    Karun-3 Dam Geodetic Deformation Survey covers the following networks:

    • 3D off dam pillars;

    • 3D target points on the dam body;

    • Levelling;

    • 3D on the crest;

    • 3D on the spillway;

    • 3D on the stilling basin;

    • Surveying inside Gallery 741;

    • Surveying inside Gallery 759; and

    • Surveying... مشاهده پروژه