Geodetic Deformation Survey of Masjed Soleiman Dam

مسجد سلیمان
مسجد سلیمان

Masjed Soleiman Dam is a rock-filled dam with clay core with 172m height and 480m long crest located 40km south of Masjed Soleiman and 24km from Shahid Abbaspour Dam (Karun-1) built on Karun River.

As per the timetable provided by main project consultant, Ista Sanj Daghigh Consulting Engineers Company has been in charge of Geodetic Deformation Survey of Seimareh Dam since 2005.

The geodetic network of Masjed Soleiman Dam covers the following networks:
- Pillars outside the dam;
- Target points on the dam body;
- Target points on the spillway;
- Traverse network of the lower gallery; and
- Levelling network outside the dam on the dam body and in lower gallery.